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Chip Tip #196: California is Car Theft Capital

Driving in California? Might want to think twice about stopping in Bakersfield…   I’m Chip Cummings, with today’s Chip Tip. With the highest rate of car theft in the country, Bakersfield residents are 35 times more likely to have their car stolen than someone living in Harrisonburg, VA. In fact, 9 of the top 10 worst […]

Chip Tip #240: Beware of the NetFlix Scam

Scams are rampant, and they change every day. But will you fall for the Netflix scam?… I’m Chip Cummings, with today’s Chip Tip. A new scam which targets Netflix users is making its way around the country. You mistype a website, or click on a link, and up pops a real life-like version of the […]

Chip Tip #239: Discounts on Rental Cars

Thinking of a vacation? Make sure your money isn’t gobbled up just getting around… I’m Chip Cummings, with today’s Chip Tip. One of the costliest expenses when you travel – is your rental car. But some simple tricks and planning could save you more than 30% next time you have to hit the road! First, […]

Chip Tip #238: Best Time to Buy Groceries

We all love to get a good deal – but is there a better time or day to get a deal on groceries? I’m Chip Cummings, with today’s Chip Tip. I’m sure that you’ve noticed that gas prices change right before the weekend. Well same might be true for groceries. When you shop can make […]

Chip Tip #237: Stupid Things That Kill Your Credit Score

Your credit score is your personal lifeline to financial security – but there are some simple stupid things that can trip you up… I’m Chip Cummings, with today’s Chip Tip. Your credit score controls what interest rate you pay, your insurance rates, if you can even GET a loan, and possibly your employment. But did […]

Chip Tip #236: Self-Gifting – Did You Earn It?

Holiday shopping complete, but did you buy a gift for youself?… I’m Chip Cummings, with today’s Chip Tip. Forget about everyone else – According to a recent survey, over 46% of us buy a gift for ourselves for the holidays. Really? What a stupid excuse to spend money – unless you’ve got the money. If […]

Chip Tip #235: Protecting Privacy With Online Classifieds

Selling something online can put some extra dough in your pocket, but are you giving up your privacy?… I’m Chip Cummings, with today’s Chip Tip. Online classified ads sites like Craigslist and Backpage can be a great way to sell some of your old furniture or those extra concert tickets you can’t use – but […]

Chip Tip #234: Debit Cards – 3 Places Not To Use Them

Debit cards have become a common and sensible way to pay for stuff – but when should it be an absolute no-no? I’m Chip Cummings, with today’s Chip Tip. VISA and Mastercard Debit cards that are tied to your bank account can be a great way to manage your money, and protect yourself from going […]

Chip Tip #233: PMI Insurance

Do you need PMI Insurance, and are there ways you can save or eliminate this cost… I’m Chip Cummings, with today’s Chip Tip. Private Mortgage Insurance, or PMI, is required on a home mortgage anytime you have less than a 20% down-payment. The more you put down, the cheaper it is. PMI is a monthly […]

Chip Tip #231: Student Loan Forgiveness

Can you imagine having your student loan balance completely forgiven? That’s right – right down to a zero balance? I’m Chip Cummings, with today’s Chip Tip. A little known federal assistance program, called the Public Service Loan Forgiveness plan will allow college graduates eliminate their student debt. With college costs skyrocketing, this could be a […]